Engine repairs by specialists only

We have made it our business to perform all services associated with your engine.
These services include supplying engine parts, competent consulting,
as well as the necessary repair work of the highest quality, at a fair price and in the shortest possible time.

Besides careful handling of the repaired engine, the high quality of repair work
constitutes the basis for long engine life.

Our suppliers and our membership in the Association of Engine Repair Companies ensure an exchange of experience, contact with leading manufacturers of engine parts,
and a high level of technical know-how throughout Germany.

Our technical competence is at your disposal. Optimal consulting with our customers is thus ensured.

Maintenance and repairs on all internal-combustion engines

Repair of individual
engine components
- Cylinder liners
- Crankshafts
- Camshafts
- Fuel-injection pumps
- Turbo-superchargers
- Crankcases
- Cylinder heads
- Valves
- Rocker arms
- Flywheels
- Thread machining

Sale of engines and engine components
- Engines new / in exchange
- Spare parts from all leading manufacturers

Service and repairs of
stationary engines

Honings of zylinders
with a diameter of around 500mm

Injector testing with the BOSCH Common-Rail injector tester
• Precise and fully automatic injector testing
• Plotting of the injection spray pattern at all pressures
• Quick detection of a defective injector
• Protocol print-out of the test result
• Testable components: CR – solenoid-valve injectors
  (for automobiles) from BOSCH, Denso, Delphi;
  CR - piezo-injectors (for automobiles) from BOSCH, Denso,
  Siemens, und Continental;
  CR - solenoid-valve injectors (trucks/lorries) from BOSCH
Your advantage
• Closing of the existing diagnostic gap
  in testing of the CR system
• Shorter waiting and repair times
• Avoidance of (expensive) diagnostic errors
  in testing of the CR system
In addition, we offer the following services
• Removal of jammed or stuck injectors and injection nozzles
  in the motor vehicle (without disassembly of the cylinder head)
  with special tools for a wide variety of engine types
• Machining of the injector seats
  and injector bores in the cylinder head
• Removal of torn-off sheathed-element glow plugs
• Repairing of threads

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